I play (and love) a ton of different genres of music. Most of the selections below are from my own projects and others I have been involved with over the past few years.

If you'd like to hear some other examples from various sessions/performances I've done, or would like some info on recording/playing with me, feel free to contact me!

Atlas Shrug (Heavy Rock)

My little pride and joy; truly modern rock for the new era. It's heavy so beware!!! These songs are from our upcoming disc, which as of now has no official release date. Check out our website for more info on the band, and news about the final date of release! Our debut album (2009) is currently available on iTunes.



The Center Path

Benhur (Alternative)

These tracks are from the 2013 Benhur release "Between Flower And Hive" and feature yours truly on guitar, slide, drum programming and synths.

Lay Me Down

Secret Enemy

Heaven Waits

Funkafeelya (Funk Rock)

Here's some killer funk/rock with yours truly on guitar! The first track is a sample of some of the sweet guitar work (if I may say so!) on the newest album. Click here for more info!

Album Guitar Work Sampler

Watch You Get Down


The Pulse (Jazz/Fusion)

Here's some sweet jazz/fusion courtesy of me and The Pulse! To check out this album on iTunes, click here.

Check Your Pulse

Lean Ground Beats


Other Sessions

Here are some tunes I've collected from past sessions. I'll add as many as I can as I can find them.

Rochelle - Friends

Noel Johnson Band - Back To The Snow