(These are mostly full albums; samples of other session work I have done can be found on the Listen Page)

Jay Dee Band - Smiling Face

Jay Dee


Had a really great time recording this EP with the great musicians in the Jay Dee Band in the spring of 2018. Got to spend time at my favorite recording studio Chalet Studios in Claremont, Ontario laying down guitar, lapsteel and some slide on 4 of Jay Dee's great original songs. Did a bit of extra work at the Chandelier Room with producer Kevin Ker and team, a really solid short album and definitely worth a listen!

Laurelle Augustyn - Lullaby

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Laurelle Augustyn


In 2018 I had the privilege to play guitar, slide and lapsteel on the incredibly talented Laurelle Augustyn's debut album "Lullaby". The album was produced by Kevin Ker of Epidemic Music Group and recorded mostly at Chalet Studios (one of my favorite Canadian recording studios) and in The Chandelier Room in Stouffville Ontario. This record had me playing with some excellent Canadian musicians and, it's really great hearing hearing how it sounded after all the hard work that went into creating it.

Check out Laurelle's website for more information about her and to check her out live!

Atlas Shrug - 1/4

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Atlas Shrug EP


My first recording experience in Toronto after having moved with my main project. We worked really hard on the insane music we play, and everything turned out way better that we had ever thought possible. This album is part one of four, and will be released when the second part is almost finished, hopefully in a few months!

The disc was recorded entirely at Metalworks in two days, with vocals a few days later. As always with Atlas Shrug, we recorded entirely live "off the floor", with no digital enhancements, drum quantizing/editing, vocal tuning or any other technological nonsense. Our now good friend Kevin Dietz manned the board, and working with him was an incredibly productive and stress free experience that we will be repeating very soon.

iSpy - "The Art Of You"

The Art Of You


An album of three original songs I recorded with the great Toronto based gypsy jazz group iSpy. Recorded at Blue Sound And Music in the amazing Beaches area of Toronto, this album was produced, engineered and mixed by Russ Mackay, with mastering done by the legendary Peter Moore at The E Room mastering studio.

This album was recorded entirely live off the floor and features some amazing Toronto based musucians. I am featured on this disc on both the banjo and backing vocals, check it out either on the listen page or online!

Joy Phillips - "Reckless"

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An album I did with Toronto based artist Joy Phillips. Reckless was recorded in several different studios in Toronto with most of my work (guitars, slide, banjo and other stuff...) being recorded at Loud Mouse Studios. Had a great CD release in the summer of 2015 and have been playing around the city/province/country ever since.


Benhur - "Between Flower And Hive"

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Between Flower And Hive


Produced by the amazing Ian Bodzasi, this disc was recorded all over Ontario: beds at Metalworks, guitars at Loud Mouse and acoustics, percussion and vocals out at the beautiful Chalet Recording Studio in Claremont.

This album turned out amazing, it has already been nominated for a TIMA award and will hopefully be in the running for "Best New Artist" at the 2013 Juno Awards. Since the release we have released a music video for "Lay Me Down" and "Walk On Through" with some more planned surprises (live videos!) in the coming weeks/months.

Noel Johnson - "The Remedy"

The Remedy


Had way too much fun recording this album sequestered up at the beautiful Chalet Recording Studio a couple hours outside of Toronto. We had a great time recording and hanging out with Dave and his wife Sheila; the main room here looks over a huge meadow and the overall vibe of this place is simply amazing.

This album has a bit of everything: there's some folk-country partnered with a few almost pop-rock songs and a couple straight up rock n' roll ones as well. I'm really happy with a lot of the guitar work on this album, there are some awesome solos/leads, some really nice country/rock and slide parts and I even made my session Banjo debut! Josh Gwilliam was at the helm on this one, and did an amazing job throwing everything together.

More about Noel, our recent tour and this album can be found at noeljohnsonmusic.com

Funkafeelya - "Headphone Junky"

Headphone Junky


Got to visit home to record this great album from Alberta's own Funkafeelya. Recorded by Stew Kirkwood at Sound Extractor Studios in Edmonton, we also played a solid six nights in a row at the legendary Blues On Whyte in Edmonton in the evenings while we were up early tracking in the mornings. Needless to say this album ended up being an alcohol fueled lesson in rock lifestyle, something that I think helped it turn out as good as it did.

I did all the guitar work on this one and contributed a couple of songs that made the final cut: "Watch you Get Down", "You Don't Have My Heart" and "Time". Playing all those straight up funk-solos and rhythm parts made this album a blast to record, take a listen to it at Funkafeela's website, or on the Listen page!

The Pulse - "The Pulse"

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The Pulse


This album was recorded in Edmonton soon after I graduated from Grant Macewan University in Jazz Performance. I was fortunate enough to find myself playing with some amazing young musicians in the music scene there; we all contributed some original music and went into Mind For Music Studios to track our jazz debut!

The album was mixed and mastered by Stew Kirkwood at Sound Extractor Studios, who did an excellent job making us sound like we knew what we were doing (haha). We were all pretty green at the time, but listening to this disc always puts a smile on my face. There are some really great compositions/solos and group moments that I remember from these sessions. Check out the "Listen" page for a few samples from this album!

Atlas Shrug - "Atlas Shrug"

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Atlas Shrug


Atlas Shrug's first foray into the recording studio. Listening to this album is like looking back in time to when we were all very young and excited about the new musical ground we were trying to break. Our songs have since become more mature, along with ourselves, but you can really hear the dedication and unbridled energy we were putting into our compositions at that point in our career.

It has always been out mission to record our music as it sounds live; this album was all recorded live off the floor without any digital aids of any kind, which gives it a great raw, rock and roll vibe I think. The album was recorded at Mind For Music Studios in Edmonton with Stew Kirkwood at Sound Extractor Studios doing an amazing job on the mixing and mastering. Head on over to Atlas Shrug's website to have a listen!

Atlas Shrug - "The Torus Ep"



Unfortunately, the only copies of Atlas Shrug's very first recording attempt are floating out there in the hands of the many people we met back in the early days while we were first on tour, trying this music out in the real world. We ended up re-recording all the songs on this EP when we were doing our first full length album a year later, so this EP has long since been forgotten about.

If you do happen to have a copy hold on to it, maybe it'll be worth something one day? I would love a copy of the original disc if you happen to have one, so please contact me if you do!